New Works

Assemblages & Collages

Exhausted – 24×18″ Assemblage

Sentinel 24×18″ Assemblage

3 Hooks at Hall’s Harbour 12×16″ Assemblage

Inside, Looking Out 20×16″ Collage

Rookery – 20×16″ Collage

Jumpin’ for Joy – 20x 16″ Collage

Let me in – wee-ooo 20×16″ Collage

Birds of Play – 20×16″ Collage

Swan Serenade – 20×16″ Collage

Cobbler’s Lasting Pincers 9×7″ Assemblage
Hog Ring Pliers 7×9″ Assemblage
Linda Joyce Ott's Photo Portfolios published by including A Rainbow of Irises, Signs of the Times, Flowers of Hope, Tree Totems, Transcending Time, Hood Ornaments, Strands of Time, Orchidaceous, All Dolled Up, Hard Core: Hornby Island Rocks, Mexico Obscura, The Earth Laughs in Flowers

2 thoughts on “New Works

  1. Hi, Linda Joyce
    Found you at WP, I do similar work and am frustrated with how difficult it is for an old dude to get seen on here. I am playing around with different WP sites. Do you have any advice on the best way to use?

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