New Art Works!

White Orchid won Best in Class (Photography) and First Prize and Far-Out received Honourable Mention at the Royal Botanical Gardens’ 2017 Annual Orchid Show Art Exhibit.

These photos are from my photo art portfolio Orchidaceous! Along with ten other poster-sized prints of exotic orchids, they were on view in April 2016 at Gallery4 at the Hamilton Public Library and were the featured exhibition at McMaster Innovation Park’s (MIP) Art in the Workplace from August to November 2015.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Naked Law, my dystopian novel, is available from as a paperback and as a downloadable Kindle book. Here’s a short description on what it’s about:

“Before you die, you must divest yourself of all your worldly goods. That is The Naked Law of a new world order. But if you keep telling stories, or if you keep making art, you may just delay the Final Reckoning.

“The Naked Law opens with the launch of a blog that shares stories about life after The Final Catastrophe. You will hear from a chorus of voices including Sheri, a collector who is preparing for her day in court to argue against the Essential Goods Inventory form; Laszlo the Fixer, an old world rebel who helped rebuild society after The Great Resolve; and Amy Anderson, author of the Clutter-Buster’s blog. You will also encounter Lena Lorca, an artist struggling with creativity and death in a brave new world.”


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