Tech Totems

Over the past four decades, I’ve amassed a substantial collection of outmoded technological devices that I treasure for their aesthetic design qualities.

For  my “Tech Totems” series, I enshrined some of these vintage utilitarian objects onto a variety of archaic supports including a printer’s typesetting tray, an antique mantelpiece, a hand-made checkerboard, vintage drawers and old cigar boxes.

By transforming these mundane objects into artistic 3-D assemblages, I have elevated them to totemic status while commenting on the transient nature of technological tools.

CONNECTED – 16.5 x 32 x 1.5″



For the following series of totemic hand tools, I cleaned & enshrined some much-used screw drivers in black frames – transforming and elevating them into artistic assemblages.  Sizes range from 12×6” to 16×16”.


Cobbler’s Lasting Pincers – 9×7″

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