Mexico Obscura

Preview 46 images of Mexican street scenes in this keepsake, print-on-demand photo art portfolio. Available through MagCloud – $12 a copy includes free digital version!

Each photograph in Mexico Obscura captures “a decisive moment” in the juxtaposition of people within the context of architecturally evocative urban environments.

It fascinates me that people, especially in urban spaces, unconsciously place themselves to form a “mise-en-scène” within the environmental structure of the background, inadvertently creating a narrative about how the figure and the environment interact.

The images that I captured on film generate not only the sense of a particular time and space but also a mood evoked in part by the chance positioning and movement of the people in the shot.

To convey a sense of the ambiguous nature of reality as we individually perceive it, I leached out and obscured part of the reality of each image. I wanted to express a heightened sense of mystery in every day surroundings and encounters. I wanted to bless the ordinary and expand it into a new dimension – the realm of the extraordinary.

This amorphous reality imparts a spiritual and ethereal sense to these highly narrative photos. They evoke for me, and I believe for the viewer, a particular emotional tone full of interior meaning, mysticism, and moments of recognition.  


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