My passion for color, vintage fabrics, ties and buttons comes together in my Textile Art series

I used delicate vintage fabrics to create Scentimental. It measures 28 x 34″.

Batik-printed fabrics come together in Jazz Lines (30×36″).

The Way of Tea features a vintage Japanese printed cloth with African batik fabric pieces. It measures 30” x 35”.

Quartet – Variations on a Theme features vintage hand-printed upholstery fabric samples. It measures 18” x 14”.

A vintage silk scarf, hand-woven ties, buttons, and upholstery fabrics form my 26″x30″ fabrication, Blue Moon Boogie.

The Beatles song was the earworm that inspired and guided the creation of my Here Comes The Sun fabrication. It measures 30” x 36”.

Summer Jazz measures 24” x 36”.

Fabrication 3 measures 24×36″.

Fabrication 2 measures 24×36″.

Fabrication 1 measures 24×36″.