Crimes Against Nature

Open Wounds – acrylic 40×30″
Bleakscape – mixed media 12×36″
The Exhausted Earth – mixed media 24×40″
When the Bough Breaks – acrylic 60×30″
a.k.a. Patsy – acrylic 40×30″

Life on our planet is in peril. Our mother earth is strewn with waste lands, polluted rivers, and be-fouled air. Degradation of the landscape through clear-cutting forests and strip-mining has led to toxic pollution in the water we drink, and in the air we breathe. Global warming is a reality, as is the loss of many species on the ground, in the water, and in the air.

We need remedial action desperately, and I hope these works spur you to take action to help heal our wounded mother earth, and to help our future generations.

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