Auto Parts

Celebrating a pedestrian’s vision of vintage cars

When I was growing up my family did not have a car. We used public transit. Sometimes we used taxis. Mostly, we walked. We walked a lot. When you walk a lot, you see many things you miss when you are in an automobile.

After I grew up, I continued to walk. I walked and I looked. I looked up at the tops of buildings. I looked in store windows and I looked at closed doors. I looked down at sewer grates, and at weeds growing out of cracks in the pavement. Wherever I looked on my walks, I saw amazing things. I saw the whole world in details, and in abstractions.

Soon I could not walk without a camera. I looked, I saw, and I took photos. I’ve been taking photos of details and abstractions for many years now. “Auto Parts” presents some of my photos of cars – the way I, a walker and a non-driver, see them.



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